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Tropical Vibe Nursery and Landscape Design

20322 Kline Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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Our History

Welcome to Tropical Vibe Nursery & Landscape. We began as a small nursery providing rare palm trees and exceptional service in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Over the years we have grown and made quite a few changes, but we have never forgotten where we started from.

In 1998, a palm tree collector, Brett Clemens, purchased a large lot of rare palm tree seeds from Madagascar and began growing them in a 750 square foot greenhouse in Santa Ana Heights. Tom Simpson, Clemens friend, later joined and took over his operation. At about the time that Brett and Tom were germinating seeds, John Mendoza was given a gift of two plants from John Boyer, a Cycas revoluta (Sago) and a Colocasia €Black Magic.€ He managed to kill them within just a few short months and decided that plants and trees would not be his forte. Mendoza reconsidered his plant experience and decided to try again while landscaping his Huntington Beach, CA home €“ a rather risky move considering his recent experience. This project fueled his passion for palm trees and tropical plants and eventually led him to Tom's operation. Tom's palm tree hobby took second seat to his burgeoning termite business and his palms were beginning to die by the hundreds. This realization ultimately led John to buy-out Tom's operation, giving birth to Tropical Vibe Nursery, the first tropical-only nursery in Orange County, CA. When doors first opened it was located on 2,600 square feet parcel - 1,500 square feet dedicated to a greenhouse. It was tucked away behind a 1920's farmhouse off of a gravel road in this unincorporated area and practically forgotten area of Orange County, CA. Since Tropical Vibe's inception it has grown to half of an acre and uses the old farmhouse as its office space in what is now zoned as Newport Beach, CA. Tropical Vibe offers the best variety of tropical plants in southern California and grows plants locally as well as imports exotic plants from around the world. In addition to offering truly exotic plants, Tropical Vibe also offers artistic landscape design €“ master plans, hardscape, softscape, irrigations, lighting, etc.

After many years our commitment has never changed. We continue to search the world over finding the best tropical plants for your landscape. After all these years in business, we both still enjoy our favorite hobby - gardening!

Thanks for coming along!

John Mendoza
Owner, Landscape Designer, APLD

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